Kaspersky Map of the Internet
Map of the Internet by Kaspersky

At no point in human history has any invention provided more opportunity than the Internet, save perhaps fire and the wheel.  But what is it? It is a vast interconnected network spanning the globe made from individually owned links numerous enough to make even the most ambitious spider blush.  And with it, unparalleled communication ability along with unrivaled new risks.  And today, we call this huge almost unimaginable web the cloud.

What resources do you use?

How do you protect yourself and your investment?

Is migrating to the cloud worth it?

How do you know you're not paying too much?

Office 365 is so much more than a mailbox.

Microsoft has the perfect cloud solution with their Azure platform.  Office 365 is the new Small Business Server, and just like its predecessor it’s stuffed full of so many features it’s almost impossible to know them all.  A good plan is vital to achieving a successful deployment of these new technologies.  With full adoption of Azure's Cloud technologies connecting remote workers or even associates in other businesses has never been easier.  Sharing resources both inside and outside your organization at a click, securely, safely, instantly is no longer a pipe dream.

Azure is changing the way we do business.

Still need that on-premise server?  Perhaps migrating it to Azure still makes more sense, because yes it can do that too. Got a large project or deadline looming? A server hosted in Azure changes with a reboot.  Can you do a hardware upgrade or downgrade on demand with your old server?  Reboot that system, spend a few extra pennies, and meet your deadline!  That's the power of the cloud!  The prices have never been lower, and the benefits never greater.  Humans are expensive, the technology they use to get things done isn't!

It's your business how you do business.

Trust is the real currency here, let us build that bridge together.  We know new ways of doing things are difficult and sometimes scary, that's why our team goes out of their way to ensure owners and managers know exactly what's at risk, and how things work.  Not ready to adapt today?  That's OK too!  We're your partner in this for the long haul, contact us to get started.