Desktops, laptops, and tablets oh my!   All joking aside, where would we be without our faithful and sometimes temperamental electronic friends.  We can sit with one at our desk, or pull another out of our pocket, and connect to yet another half way around the world with a quick press of an icon.  These devices are our constant companions, and they need some attention from time to time.

Are your computers showing their age?

What can you expect from a new one?

Budget is tight, can a refurbished device fit the bill?

How do we dispose of the old ones?

Managing these devices is big job, and Intouch Technology is here to make it as easy as possible.  Perhaps a RAM or SSD upgrade will breathe new life into your trusty old side kick.  Or, do you spurge on the brand new, and reap the benefits therein.  Maybe, you've got a dirty job and some well serviced refurbished units fresh off the scratch and dent pile make more sense.  And when it's all over and we've reached the end of road and it's time for a trip to the recycle bin, Intouch is here then too.  Cost effective recommendations and service are only a phone call away!