Closeup of ServerFinding the ideal managed service provider (MSP) empowers your organization with the flexibility and freedom to focus on mission-critical tasks.  We take a hybrid approach when it comes to supporting your business, this gives us the freedom to scale services to match any business model.  Intouch Technology is not out to change your world of technology, but to change how that technology services you.

Our hybrid approach consists of making sure all aspects of your network are managed.  We work remotely to manage your systems to make sure your business is running efficiently.  Our technicians spend time in your office observing your daily tasks so we can help your day run smoother.  When the unfortunate hardware failure happens, we are there on-site to repair your equipment.

No games, no gimmicks, and no fine print.  Each company we service is unique, and receives a unique set of solutions.  If you're tired of the run around, being sold a bill of goods, or being pushed around by the larger technology providers, it's time to contact Intouch.  We are your advocate in this ever shifting technology landscape.  We know this sounds too good to be true, and we're ready for all your skepticism.  Give us a call, and let one of our Senior Engineers put your mind at ease.

Services We've Provided:

  • Desktop and Laptop Repairs and Maintenance
    • Malware Removal and Prevention
  • Server restoration and maintenance.
    • Disaster Recovery Solutions
    • Backup and Restore Testing
  • Network Connectivity and Security
    • Content Control Systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Telecommuting Platforms
  • Network Sanity Checks
    • Minor Cabling Repairs, and Checkups.
    • Network Restructuring
    • WiFi Site Surveys, and Upgrades
  • PBX Management
  • Azure Cloud Solutions
    • Office 365 Migrations
  • And so much more...


Preferred Platforms

Intouch Technology is a Microsoft Registered Partner, and supports mostly Microsoft based products and networks.  We're very familiar with Microsoft's entire basic product offering.  This includes but is not limited to Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.  We've also got direct experience with Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Linux.

Our cloud platform of choice is Microsoft Azure, but we're familiar with Amazon and Google's platforms as well.

Once again we remind the reader that Intouch is here to make your life easier, not more difficult.  Our engineers are a bit crazy, and they love nothing more than to be shown something new.  We highly encourage anyone to try and stump them!