Microsoft 365 & Azure

Migration, Maintenance, and Support Services

Microsoft 365, so much more than just email. Even the smallest subscriptions can provide:

Cloud Storage

Microsoft 365 cloud services grants access to Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive. All designed with multiple endpoints in mind. A user can access their resources from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or all of the above at the same time. Teams specifically enables multi-user access to specific resources as well. Ever needed to have two people working out of the same Excel file? No more file locks, just two (or more) people getting work done. And if that wasn’t enough, OneDrive monitors for crypto assaults, and automatically locks accounts and provides means for cleanup. These services are enabled by default in Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription, which at MSRP $5 / user / month you probably already have!

World Class Email

Microsoft 365 is the world’s largest email hosting provider for a reason. It’s fast, stable, and reliable. That isn’t to say it’s easy from an admin’s standpoint Most of what Intouch Technology handles these days revolves around securing and maintaining this environment. This is the Foundation of your Azure adventure, mistakes here will cause issues on everything else in the ecosystem. Let us help you avoid them!


Microsoft Teams, the new killer app. Skype rebranded, it acts as a central hub of communications for any organization. With a native clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS it’s always at your fingertips. Users can text, make phone calls, make video calls, hold conferences and meetings, even edit documents and spreadsheets all from Teams’s simple interface.

Team membership can be controlled by traditional administrative mechanisms or left for users to determine themselves. It can even replace your phone system! Do you need a consistent communications tool that works for all your employees regardless of their location? Look no further than teams. Unified communications have never been easier!

With that as a platform, here’s some of the things Teams can do:

  • Task Assignment and Management
  • Shift and Time Tracking
  • File sharing, and collaboration
  • Secure Cloud access to files
  • Cloud Telephony (PBX)
  • So much more…

Azure Cloud Services

And finally, Microsoft’s Swiss Army Knife. Azure is the gateway to leased computing resources to run any business need. It can utterly replace any server, doing any job, at any time. It can provide CDN backed web storage for your website. All protected by uptime guarantees, disaster recovery functionality, and detailed logs. We know it’s hard to trust the cloud let us show you how Azure earns that trust.